42770 Mound Rd. located in Sterling Heights, MI (48314) is our company's headquarters.


Established in 2014, with decades of design and repair experience, Cyprium Induction set out to be the premier coil design and repair facility our industry needed. Offering all coil design and builds in house,as well as new equipment, spare parts, expert service on machines, as well as transformer repairs within 2 weeks. 


Do to overwhelming response from the industry, Cyprium Induction opened a second location about an hour south of Indianpolis,Indiana in the town of Columbus, Indiana. These two locations work in unison to decrease turnaround time and offer close proximity wherever your shop my be located. 

For design work in Michigan we utilize AutoCAD, AutoCAD Fusion 360 as well as SolidWorks.

All forge coil repairs are also done in the Michigan location.

MIQ coils (002).JPG