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Red Tractor in Field

Our customers include some of the biggest names in the agricultural industry. They trust Cyprium Induction to keep them running high quality parts.

Automotive Industry

Chances are you are driving in an automobile with parts forged or heat treated in one of our induction coils. 

Heavy Equipment / Industrial Vehicles

Our coils have hardened the components in some of the largest vehicles you may have seen on the road, including large dump trucks and semi-trucks. 

Energy & Utilities

Cyprium Induction has designed and built induction coils to harden some of the largest engines produced in the world, including emergency back-up engines designed to cool nuclear power plant cells and cargo ships. 

Job Shops

Induction Heat Treating facilities all around the country count on Cyprium Induction for a variety of induction coils to heat a large array of parts. 

Induction Solutions
for Your Industry

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