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Professional induction forge coil repair OF ALL oem'S 

Don't believe them when they tell you that you must send it back to them! We can repair it better than they built it originally!

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Hands-down, Cyprium Induction is the #1  premier induction forge coil repair shop in the entire United States. We can honestly say with confidence that our coils last longer and perform better than any other supplier. We use a custom manufactured high heat refractory, as well as a proprietary coating than any other supplier out there. Our coils look different because internally they are. Our quality shines through because we ensure your coils are built right the first time. Through the course of time we have noticed terrible business practices from some of our competitors. Some do not burn off the old coating and fluidise dip their coils, while some simply just paint the windings. If your coils just do not seem to be holding up for very long then turn to us. And remember, If you get a cheaper repair house, but your coils only last 1/3 of the time you are not actually saving money. We strive to save you valuable down time by making robust coils that will last much longer. Everything is done in house to ensure integrity of our coils and their quality.