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 our design capabilities and expertise, including recommended power settings

Fixturing and tooling design

Do you also require tooling and fixturing?  If so, you are in good hands. We will design a part holder to either let quench drain or be contained depending on the application.  Machining is also done completely in-house and so turn around times are minimal. We also design and build custom work supports and welded fixtures. 

At Cyprium Induction we pride ourselves on our expertise to design an induction coil to fit your need for any part. Whether you are vertical scanning, single shot hardening or horizontal scanning, we can design a coil based on your needs. We look at the part prints and sometimes request in process parts sent to our location to accurately measure and draw the part on AutoCAD and then design the coil based on this information. We can also recommend power settings to start with based on your machine's power and frequency settings to help you get the desired pattern a little quicker.